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Das Multitalent

Marie-Sophie Hindermann, 2008 Olympics gymnast of the German team, becomes a pole vaulter now


Yesterday afternoon a 4.9 magnitude earthquake happened in the southern regions of Campania and Molise, in Italy. I live in Naples, Campania’s capital city, where the earthquake has been felt very intensely. I noticed nothing, but saw the chandeliers and the Christmas tree waving left and right. Quite scary. My family and I quickly dressed up, ready to leave our home if something worse happened, and so we are today. Unfortunately earthquakes can’t be predicted, everything could happen.


Peyton Ernst

omg you’re actually making CoP posts of people’s routines? you are a god amongst humans.
hahaha yeah, i really enjoy calculating beam d-scores so i decided to make posts with gifs here on tumblr, i thought it could be a good idea :) requests are also accepted! (actually i’m able to calculate only beam d-scores but i’ll improve :))